Zr 850 owners manual


Video Performance* (4.0)* The Canon ZR850 comes equipped with a single 1/6" CCD, though it manages to pack a little more resolution into that size than the other ZR models.

Proform 850 T Owners Manual

While the ZR800 and ZR830 have a gross pixel count of 680,000, the ZR850 squeezes in 1,070,000. We expect to see a sharper video, but a weaker low lht performance.

Proform <i>850</i> T <i>Owners</i> <i>Manual</i>

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There was a clear distinction between the ZR850 and the other ZRs from this year, however – saturation. Mind you, this is only the difference between saturation that yells and saturation that screams; they’re both more skewed than any respectable hh-end camcorder.

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While hh contrast edges are not as sharp as they could be, the ZR850 managed to avoid producing a lot of noise, a rare feat for camcorders in this price class.

Zr 850 owners manual:

Rating: 97 / 100

Overall: 97 Rates