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These expectations must be understood by every company that does business in the U. Small companies may only have an employee handbook that addresses some of these but in a larger organization (100 employees) you should develop a more comprehensive HR Manual because a larger organization must adhere to all of the HR laws while a smaller company has many exemptions.

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So, why else should you write new policies and procedures?

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Policy And Procedure Manual Template For Small Business

When you write policies and procedures, keep in mind that they should be action oriented, grammatiy correct, and written in a consistent style and format to encourage maximum usability. To find out what policy to write about you will need to research the expectations of your community and management.

Guide to Writing Policy and Procedure Documents -

Any old policy and procedure format saves time by not having to start from scratch, rht? Using a weak starting point can hurt employee usability, introduce confusion and user-error, and may not assist in your compliance and control objectives.

Writing policy and procedure manual:

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