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Usher's Manual, The Leslie Parrott

The organization has its roots in early-1900s Baltimore, where three African-American churches set aside their differences to create an ushers association and school — one that still grills its students on everything from greeting ques to a complex set of hand snals with which to manage crowd movement, or even indicate an emergency in the making. "They set a tone of reverence with their friendliness.

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If Lucas, 61, has a divine purpose these days, it's to keep such things from happening again.

Usher's <strong>Manual</strong>, The Leslie Parrott

On Greeting Persons With Disabilities A Suggestion

She's one of about 400 people in Maryland and 15,000 in the nation who have been trained and certified by the National United Church Ushers Association of America, a historiy black education and service that has preserved and passed along a "universal method" of church ushering for 96 years.

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Vanessa Lucas, an avid churchgoer, says she'd love for everyone to be as blessed by the Scriptures as she has been.

Universal church ushers manual:

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