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If you'll find a solution please let me know and if I find one I'll also tell you! It stays in the air for about 2-3sec, then the rotors start oscilating. In effect, the bolt holes on the motor are too far apart to allow the bolts to pass through the mounting plate on the frame.

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Looking at the photo you posted, it looks like you may have used thinner bolts.

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I have noticed that each time the "guys" fly without landing gear they never break a prop. Do they have a programmed ESC with a brake or just something that keeps the prop stopped in the same position. It is used to stop the prop when there is no throttle input. In my opinion, the easiest way to enable this feature is with a programming card. Proceede with caution and refer to the ESC's user manual for compatibility with programming cards or instructions on how to program it through your radio (it's a pain, but it works).

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Yes, programmable ESCs have a "brake" function that can be turned on and off. If you try to use a programing card on an ESC not desned to talk to that card (for example a turny card with a blue-series ESC) it will probably fail and *can* damage the ESC.

Turnigy besc programming card manual:

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