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DAK Auto Bakery - Basic White Bread - SUCCESS - YouTube

I have been told that the DAK and Welbilt machines need a slhtly different dry to wet ingredient ratio than other bread machines - and I'm not sure in which direction, so others may need to experiment.

Bm-pizza-dough recipe from FatFree

This is an adaptation of the pizza dough recipe on page 522 of Ornish's "Program for Reversing Heart Disease".

Bm-pizza-dough recipe from FatFree

DAK Auto Bakery - Bread Machine Manual - YouTube

Date: Wed, 24 Aug 94 PDT From: Zite Hutton ([email protected]) Joe Miko requested a pizza dough recipe a couple of days ago that will work in a DAK Turbo Baker II.

DAK Turbo Baker IV - YouTube

That's the kind of bread machine I have - and here's the pizza dough I've been making (and am very pleased with).

Turbo baker manual dak:

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