Olympia modelo ol3000-2 manual

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The LED display board is attached force of the spinning rotor.

<strong>OLYMPIA</strong> Info Globe OL3000.2 <strong>manual</strong> eBook by - Kobo

OLYMPIA Info Globe OL3000.2 manual eBook by - Kobo

CAREFULLY, with a low amp solder iron and a fine tip, re-heat the board to the display. If you were a bit sloppy with the solder, remove the solder with a fine wick and try again!

OLYMPIA Info Globe OL3000.2 manual Free Download.

On the Rotor (spinning board.) Here are some steps to take if you are having display problems. Buttons worked to get to the erase memory option, which I did. This is also the instructions for clearing the "eeprom error" readout that many infoglobes exhibit after a power surge.

Olympia modelo ol3000-2 manual:

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