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Actually, I have a second PB-6 that I always keep without extension for whenever a shorter extension range is necessary.

Nikon Bellows Manual -

Mounting the PB-6E to a PB-6 involves removing the plastic thumbscrews at the ends of the rails of the PB-6E and PB-6 to be joined, detaching the bellows of the latter from its front standard (with its small locking knob), sliding the front or rear standard off the rail, connecting the two rails with the long PB-6E base, sliding the standard back on at the front or rear end of the combiner rail, and reconnecting the two bellows to the proper standards.

<i>Nikon</i> PB 6 Bellows camera <i>manual</i>

Instructions For Nikon Pb 6 Bellows Focusing Attachment Pb-5

The combined PB-6 and PB-6E allows a "monster" maximum extension of 437 mm, more than twice the length of any other general-purpoase bellows built for an SLR/DSLR.

Nikon PB 6 Bellows camera manual

The dedicated bellows of certain photomacrographic stands, however, are even longer (e.g., the Nikon Multiphot has 300 and 600 mm interchangeable bellows, and the Leitz Aristophot similarly long bellows for 35 mm Leica cameras).

Nikon pb-6 manual pdf:

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