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Actually, I have a second PB-6 that I always keep without extension for whenever a shorter extension range is necessary.

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The PB-6/PB-6E combination is the only combination among these alternatives that allows a minimum extension of 83 mm without disassembling anything and without forcing the front standard to move back along the rail, which causes the latter to stick out in front of the lens and often in the way of the subject.

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This minimum extension is sufficiently short to leave the PB-6 and PB-6E permanently connected together (at least, if you have a good variety of photomacrographic lenses of different focal lengths).

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The dedicated bellows of certain photomacrographic stands, however, are even longer (e.g., the Nikon Multiphot has 300 and 600 mm interchangeable bellows, and the Leitz Aristophot similarly long bellows for 35 mm Leica cameras).

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