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The only real advantage to an insert bar over one ground from HSS would be the ability to machine either abrasive or hard material.

Home Machine Shop Tool Making - Machining A Finger Plate.

Givens: Meuser 00-L 14.5" lathe Aloris BXA quickchange toolholder(8) Cast Iron 10" locomotive drive wheels Need to bore the axle hole to 1.462" diameter and 1 3/16" depth through hole Currently the hole is drilled to 61/64" (bgest drill I have)Which boring bar and insert would be the most useful and cost effective for cast iron and this size bore?

Home Machine Shop Tool Making - Machining A Finger Plate.

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Thank you, HJI'll guess you're only boring to about an inch and a half depth max before you're through the hub.

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Alternatively, make two bars, one 3/4", the other 1" or slhtly larger to hold a small piece of HSS. But I don't think it's required here, unless you are going into production.

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