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I am i need of a welder and see Candian tire has a Mastercraft M onsale for $350 with everything but gas.

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I currently have a mastercraft ARC non gas wich is a pain in the ... -70 A wire-feed welder -Infinite wire speed control -Hh-efficiency transformer -Includes wire-feed welder, gas regulator, gas hose, two hose clamps, welding shield, one spool of flux-core wire, hammer/brush, quick-start guide and instruction manual -Uses M (gas) or flux-core (gasless) wires -Heat selection dial with four settings does anyone have one of these? please give me your thoughts about it, thinking about picking one up.

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Mastercraft M Welder Manual -

I currently have a mastercraft ARC non gas wich is a pain in the ... I am not familiar with that brand, but if you already spent some money on one welder and are looking for another, I would suggest getting one that you won't need to upgrade later. The old Mat Tech (military body man/welder), told me that most good 115 welders will weld up to 3/4" if you use a double pass and gave me a demo before I desided on one. They have every yhing from Millers to Lincs in the shop.

MasterCraft Welder Product Support

I buy somehting and 2-3 weeks it goes on sale like my clutch kit and i took in my recipt and got $23. It is a 230V machine with an output rating of 130 A at 20 VDC, 30% Duty Cycle with 3/16" mild steel. I purchased mine online (not ebay) for about $650 US. I posted asking about the M Pac 10 a few days ago.

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