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After opening Vault 111, can be daunting: it’s CRAMMED with quests to complete, places to explore, and things to find and uncover during an experience that can easily last 100 hours, and will likely go well beyond that for the most dedicated players. The Fusion Core inside Power Armor acts as its battery, so Power Armor isn’t something you can use all the time: instead, it’s best saved only when necessary and when you know what you’re up against.

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Combining the fast-paced action of a shooter with a deep and rich level of customizing your character and their stats, offers an incredibly varied role-playing experience like its predecessors, but also brings along some of the “quirks” that the series is known for (such as its notorious bugs and glitches). If you’re going up against a particularly b or Legendary enemy or about to embark on a very combat-heavy segment of the game, Power Armor is extremely useful, especially when coupled with some of the game’s heavier weapons like a Minun, Missile Launcher, or the devastating Fat Man that launches miniature nuclear bombs at enemies.

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, and along with it molded the series into a deep, dense open-world RPG with a sci-fi tinge. From the start of the game after you finish creating a character to your heart’s content for their physical looks, players will then be given a select amount of points to dole out at the beginning to their S. In the desnated Power Armor crafting stations, you can mix and match different pieces and styles of Power Armor while tinkering with each component to your heart’s content in building your own personalized, menacing battle armor, including jetpacks, stealth modules, and much, much more.

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In the game’s opening, players are introduced to a pre-apocalyptic Boston and create their character – from there and a series of extenuating circumstances later, players awaken 200 years into the future following a nuclear war and find the world in ruins. Once it’s assembled, customized, and powered up by a Fusion Core, you can climb into your Power Armor and live out your .

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