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Scale focusing was always possible, of course, but now you have the ultimate full-format compact system camera.

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Camera reviews are rarely occasions for existential reflection. But the Leica M (also known as the Typ 240) elicits deeper questions: How versatile should a camera try to be? Third, although rangefinder cameras ruled the small-camera roost until the 1960s, the introduction of the Nikon F in 1959 marked the beginning of the ascendancy of the SLR and later, of course, the DSLR. It is arguably as b a leap from the M9 (Leica’s previous flagship model) as the M3 was from the IIIf 60 years ago. If you can get over the price, you may well find the Leica M to be one of the most versatile cameras ever made.

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Second, it’s the latest in a lineage of (non-reflex) cameras that goes back to April 1925, when the Leica was introduced. It also accepts almost all Leica lenses ever made, rht back to 1931, when the Leica flange/film register was standardized. It is about as far from outmoded as it is possible to get.


This allows live view on the back of the camera, which without autofocus (or a tripod) can quickly become an exercise in frustration.

Leica m7 user manual:

Rating: 92 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates