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The New Zealand Hot Rod Association (Inc) or NZHRA is an umbrella organisation of car clubs in New Zealand, dedicated to encouraging and enhancing its members participation and enjoyment of safe Hot Rodding and its related activities, to foster the development, achievement and success gained through involvement with unique and individual automobiles and, in doing so, positively promoting the sport of Hot Rodding to those outside of our organisation.

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The NZHRA has a history of cooperation with motoring authorities, culminating in the adoption of the NZHRA-written New Zealand Hobby Car cal Manual as the legally accepted criteria for registration of low-volume vehicles in New Zealand.

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The New Zealand Hobby Car cal Manual

* Engine Mechanical* Emission Control* SFI* Cooling* Lubrication* nition* Starting* Charging* Clutch* Manual Transaxle C56* Manual Transaxle C60* Automatic Transaxle E240E* Automatic Transaxle E341E* Suspension and Axle* Brake* Steering* Supplemental Restraint System* Body Electrical* Body* Air Conditioning Celica is an independent Toyota Celica enthusiast website.

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Hobby car technical manual:

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