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An exception to this are the violent psychos who are that way because they are personifications of pure evil.

Ford Tractor Service Manual Series 2000-7000 1965-1975 – dadzoo

Wed Jul 31 1996 Ilkka Kokkarinen At the scene of an accident the bystanders have perfect knowledge of what has happened.

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FORD TRACTOR 2000-7000 Service Manual Book

Similarly, in a fht between the good and the bad guy the bystanders instinctively know which one is good and which one is bad, even if the bad guy wears a policeman uniform.

Ford Shop Manual Series 2000 3000&4000 1975 I & T.

Wed Jul 31 1996 Ilkka Kokkarinen The children of policemen often become policemen themselves.

Ford 2000 tracktor manual:

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