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You can however computer it by hand in a fairly strahtforward manner. (1)50 mod 3 (2)50/3 = 16.66666667 (3)16.66666667 - 16 = 0.66666667 (4)0.66666667 * 3 = 2 Therefore 50 mod 3 = 2 Things to Note: On line 3, we got the "minus 16" by looking at the result from line (2) and noring everything after the decimal. @Faizan this is a separate question/problem, try asking a question of your own (if it doesn't already exist).

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I am afraid that this calculator don't have any modulo function.

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However there is quite simple way how to count modulo using display mode ab/c (instead of traditional d/c).

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I can imagine very simple extension of modulo operation to real numbers that is defined in the similar fashion as reminder after integer division.

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