Audacity manual 1.2 6

Editing Audio with Audacity Part 2

Audacity is a powerful, free audio editor that’s been indispensable to podcasters since the inception of the medium.

Chris's Dynamic Compressor plugin for Audacity

For someone new to audio production, however, it can be confusing and intimidating.

<b>Audacity</b> <b>Manual</b> Title Page

Audacity Manual Title Page

It’s everywhere in Audacity itself, so avoiding it seems counterproductive.

Audacity - Garageband in the Classroom

Instead, I try to define as many terms as possible from the perspective of someone with little- to no background in audio production.» Compression using the Chris’s Dynamic Compressor plugin » Noise Reduction (formerly Noise Removal) » My Plug-Ins Aren’t Showing Up!

Audacity manual 1.2 6:

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