Union loom and boonsville and manual

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Naval surgeon, and his brother Heman Ticknor, wh​ politician and farmer, shared occupancy of this classic revival structure with their families from 1835-1860.

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It had been used in the past to demonstrate rag rug weaving but had not been in working order for years as the warp was a tangled mess. I did a web search to see what I could find out about the loom itself: Union Loom Works – Boonville, N. Oriental Rug Company purchased the patent to the Union Loom and I was able to download a copy of the manual!

<strong>Union</strong> <strong>Loom</strong> Co. - The Weavers Friend

Union Loom Co. - The Weavers Friend

In 1972 the family sold the house and remaining 4 1/2 acres to the City of Ann Arbor.

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The William Campbell family then owned the farm from 1881-1972 where three generations worked the 225 acres and kept the house essentially unchanged for 91 years.

Union loom and boonsville and manual:

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