Rebuilding the metro manual transmission

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Having problems with your GEO manual transmission ready for an overhaul? We offer a complete line of manual transmission rebuild kits parts, for most GEO vehicles including: GEO Metro, Prizm, Spectrum, Storm and Tracker.


These are quality kits custom assembled to include the replacement parts you need to overhaul your manual transmission.

How To Rebuild the World Class T5 <b>Transmission</b> - YouTube

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So the next time you need to overhaul you manual transmission remember - all transmissions rebuild kits are not the same - you can never make a bad decision by choosing the best.

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Transmission models that we support include the Suzuki MV3, Toyota built C51, Isuzu MR3, MR8 and Suzuki G130.

Rebuilding the metro manual transmission:

Rating: 90 / 100

Overall: 97 Rates