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Which pits a motley crew of old-school video game nerds against an alien invasion of former iconic video game characters, hit theaters this weekend and we decided to indulge in some gaming ourselves.

Best Auto Themed Video Games. So Far - Endurance

Some of us don’t have the opportunity to buy and drive any and every vehicle at top speed.

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The experience isn’t the same, but the strides of PC and videogames has given some gearheads and motor enthusiasts a taste of what some car can do from the safety of their couches, no seatbelts required.

XBOX 360 PGR Project Gotham Racing 3 Video Game Online

Grab your controller or boot up your console because here is a look at 10 of the best driving games so far (cue Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ for extra ambience): The idea of buying “used cars” and manually replacing parts dates back almost a decade before Gran Turismo to a cult-favorite 1989 MS-DOS/Ama game ed Street Rod (Forza Motorsport wasn’t the first game to allow engine swaps, folks).

Project gotham racing 4 manual:

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