National velvetting standards body training manual

Training Manual for Human Rhts Monitoring - Chapter 14

These were consistent with where the industry is heading, with its increased focus on treating velvet as a hh-value food and pharmaceutical ingredient.

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The age of antler at the time of removal is between 40-85 days from previous harvest or casting.

Deer velvet removal

The stags from which the substance is obtained must have been bred and raised in New Zealand and fulfil the requirements for animals suitable for human consumption (as provided by the While substance manufacturers are encouraged to include limits for objectionable microorganisms, it is the product into which those substances are formulated that is subject to a legally binding set of criteria.

KEBS - Standards, Training, Testing and Certification

The auditors, who impressed DINZ and MPI staff with their professionalism, were generally happy with what they saw.

National velvetting standards body training manual:

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