Mamiya rz67 ae ii prism manual

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Being completely modular, the camera can be confured in many ways.

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Lenses, viefinders and backs can all be exchanged and full auto exposure is possible with some of the finder options.

SLR Cameras Film Photography Is Not Dead

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The RZ models can mostly be found in studio settings as they are quite bulky due to the revolving back construction, but as they are now quite affordable in the used camera market, more of them are in the hands of enthusiasts, who also use them on location.

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The Mamiya RZ series of cameras to date consists of three models: the orinal Mamiya RZ67, introduced in 1982; the Mamiya RZ67 II, introduced in 1995; and the Mamiya RZ67 IID, which was introduced in 2004.

Mamiya rz67 ae ii prism manual:

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