Bosch glr225 laser distance measurer user manual

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It can calculate indirect length for those distances that cannot be measured directly because of an obstruction, and it has a multisurface area mode, which calculates the total area of different distinct surfaces with a common length or heht.

Bosch GLR225 vs. Bosch GLM 50 Comparison Laser Distance Units

The continuous minimum/maximum mode helps to find plumb lines and diagonals.

<b>Bosch</b> <b>Glr225</b> <b>Laser</b> <b>Distance</b> <b>Measurer</b> <b>Manual</b> Learn how to repair.

Bosch GLM 80 Laser Measure Review - Best Laser Measure

The Bosch GLR825 Laser Measure is the longest most-accurate outdoor laser measure on the market, measuring distances up to 825 Ft. Its precision and versatility make it an ideal tool for the construction and concrete trades.

Bosch Glr225 Laser Distance Measurer Manual Learn how to repair.

This measure's 11 modes include the standard length, area and volume measurements, as well as continuous measuring, minimum/maximum measurement, multisurface, single indirect, double indirect, combined indirect, stake out and trapezoid. It is a user-friendly measure, with an integrated viewfinder for long range as well as a large, readable backlit display.

Bosch glr225 laser distance measurer user manual:

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