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On October 26, 2001, the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rhts Division issued a memorandum for "Heads of Departments and Agencies, General Counsels and Civil Rhts Directors" that clarified and reaffirmed the vitality of the disparate impact regulations in lht of Sandoval. This document is intended to be an abstract of the general principles and issues that concern Federal agency enforcement, and is not intended to provide a complete, comprehensive directory of all cases or issues related to Title VI.

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The Court noted that there were two types of regulations. In applying this dichotomy, the Court relied on its uncontested holding in prior cases that section 601 prohibits only disparate treatment (i.e., intentional discrimination). Overview: Interplay of Title VI with Title IX, Section 504, the Fourteenth Amendment, and Title VII II. Federal Financial Assistance Includes More Than Money A. It is intended that this manual will be updated periodiy to reflect snificant changes in the law.

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Regulations that simply "apply," "construe," or "clarify[]" a statute can be privately enforced through the existing cause of action to enforce the statute because a "Congress that intends the statute to be enforced through a private cause of action intends the authoritative interpretation of a statute to be so enforced as well." Id. But regulations that go beyond the statute require a separate cause of action, even if those regulations were a valid exercise of Congress's grant of rulemaking authority. Synopsis of Legislative History and Purpose of Title VI III. In addition, policy guidance or other memoranda distributed by the Civil Rhts Division to Federal agencies that modify or amplify principles discussed in the manual will be referenced, as appropriate.

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