Zyxel eq-660r adsl router manual

Embarq EQ-660R ADSL Router

Anything with more than about 25 simultaneous connections, like Bit Torrent, would cause this to happen rht away.

Update Firmware on Zyxel EQ-660R DSL

I was using version V3.40(ACZ.2) of the firmware; I searched long and hard on the internet for a firmware update but it appears that Century Link had taken them all down.

How to open a port on the <strong>ZyXEL</strong> <strong>EQ-660R</strong>

EQ-660r Modem Problems - YouTube

The powers that be at Embarq (now Century Link) give you a DSL modem when you sn up for their service.

P-660R Compact Series ADSL2+ Ethernet

However they never really bother to give you a new one or update the firmware on it.

Zyxel eq-660r adsl router manual:

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