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3 Wireless Network Extender Features 2.4 and 5 gahertz dual concurrent Wi Fi radios Two Gabit Ethernet ports Integrated wireless networking with 2x n access point Multiple security offerings: MAC address filtering, WEP, and WPA Other options: WMM and IP address management 4 Getting to Know the WCB3000N Front Panel The front panel features LEDs that illuminate in green when the operation of power, available ports and wireless bands are functioning and in use.

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The WCB works by being placed in a central location of the home, or in a location where the existing wireless snal is weak, and then being physiy connected directly to your Telus gateway/modem.

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This physical connection not only extends the snal, but allows the WCB3000 to import and automatiy confure itself with the same network ID/SSID and password that is currently in use and confured on your existing gateway/modem.


Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Introduction 3 Features 4 Getting to Know the WCB3000N 5 Front Panel 5 Back Panel 5 Accessing the Extender s GUI 7 System Preferences 9 Status 9 Wireless Setup 10 Advanced Setup 15 Specifications 18 Notices 21 1 Introduction The WCB3000N is a Wireless Extender with dual concurrent radios supporting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz operation.

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