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Computer Systems A Programmer's Perspective

Unformatted text preview: Computer Systems: A Programmers Perspective Instructors Solution Manual 1 Randal E. We then read byte 0 and determine which byte it is.

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The basic idea is to create some multibyte datum with different values for the most and least-snificant bytes. If the shift is arithmetic, the The above code peforms a rht shift of a word in which all bits are set to 1....

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SOLUTIONS TO HOMEWORK PROBLEMS 10 11 void show_double(double x) 12 code/data/show-ans.c Problem 2.41 Solution: There are many ways to solve this problem. Here is our solution: code/data/shift-ans.c 1 int int_shifts_are_arithmetic() 2 code/data/shift-ans.c The above code peforms a rht shift of a word in which all bits are set to 1.

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code/data/show-ans.c 1 void show_short(short int x) 2 5 6 void show_long(long int x) 7 1 2 CHAPTER 1. CHAPTER 2: REPRESENTING AND MANIPULATING INFORMATION 3 There are many solutions to this problem, but it is a little bit tricky to write one that works for any word size.

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