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Movie Cube Firmware EEC

Telnet to the box, as root and remount in read-write mode.

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After reboot of the system, the filesystem is read-only again.

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Movie cube q800 firmware notice eec

Eec provides a quite good documentation on how to re-install and/or upgrade the firmware. Note: If not choosing the upgrade option, all disk content (like recordings) will be deleted in any case.

Eec movie cube q800 firmware update

Seems like modifying /etc/fstab does not really help, / is still mounted read only Solution is a script that remounts automatiy on boot. /bin/sh # # This script changes the root disk mount option, to make it writable # (default is read-only) # start() stop() restart() case "$1" in start) start ;; stop) stop ;; restart|reload) restart ;; *) echo $"Usage: $0 " exit 1 esac exit $?

Emtec movie cube r700 manual:

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