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Comments:2402 - In my opinion, 2402 was harder than 2401 but still very doable with sufficient effort.

Campbell Biology 11th Edition

The test questions were pretty much at the same level of difficulty but the content was a little harder to comprehend. Taylor if you want to be prepared for nursing school; just try your best and literally give it your all.

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I dropped within the first month, which was good because most people I talked to failed the class. - Grade In Class: DROPComments: BIO 2402 - This class is entirely different than BIO 2401. The lab component is probably the most challenging, because we are not fully prepared for the information we need to know for that lab.

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I stayed in the class for the first two tests, where I failed both of them.

College biology lab manual vodopich:

Rating: 88 / 100

Overall: 96 Rates