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Do not use plus sns, minus sns, or the degree symbol when expressing temperatures in noncal copy. It is preferable to use the past tense rather than present tense for attributing quoted material [“I went into this career for love, not money,” he said (not he says.)].

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It was 87 degrees F.] Fahrenheit, Celsius, and their abbreviations are capitalized; centrade (used in place of Celsius) is not. In general, use tense consistently throughout a story.

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Used in spoken language; in writing, rather than 12 p.m.

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The cup, which is broken, is in the sink (states the condition of the only cup in question)]. Lowercase when used with organizations and with the name of newspapers and periodicals [Professor Jones was quoted in the , a semicolon (not a comma) is needed when used transitionally between independent clauses [I’m feeling unwell; therefore, I will stay home today.]. Not to be used with a singular antecedent [RHT: Each of us knows he is fallible.

Chicago manual of style titles of plays:

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