Casio illuminator telememo 30 instruction manual

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[Update February, 2013: It's amazing how things have changed in a few short years.

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Everyone now uses their phone for all these functions.] Like many self-respecting technology professionals, I wear a Casio Databank watch. And when the battery conks out, you'd think that it was time to visit the local jeweler's or K-Mart service desk to get the battery replaced. " Clearly they have been advised by legal personnel of the ramifications of losing the customer's data.

<i>Casio</i> <i>Telememo</i> 30 Watch <i>Instructions</i> eHow

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What I find handy is the calculator function, which has proven useful on many occasions.

Casio Telememo 30 Watch Instructions eHow

Anyway, you'd think that since the Databank is the choice of technology professionals, a quick web search would turn up instructions on how to change the battery. All we get is this review [2011 update: even that has been removed], with a URL that manages to exceed 256 characters.

Casio illuminator telememo 30 instruction manual:

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