Boatsafe heater instruction manual

Instruction Manual

The only thing that would be worse would be getting to next spring and finding out that your boat winterization efforts weren't properly executed and your fun on the water will continue its hiatus until your boat is fixed. Boat winterizing isn't difficult if you approach it with a plan.

Xtreme and Boatsafe Bilge Engine Compartment Heaters

Really, there are two options when it comes time to winterize your boat. Pack up the kids and the dog, sell the house and start heading down the lakes to the Caribbean or 2. While option number one probably seems more romantic, the second is far more realistic..let's focus on that one.

Xtreme and <strong>Boatsafe</strong> Bilge Engine Compartment <strong>Heaters</strong>

Marina policy manual - Port of Camas-Washougal

What follows are ten key elements to help keep your vessel safe through the cold weather.

Tips how to winterize your boat

Before anything else, you need to take your boat out for (at least) one more trip.

Boatsafe heater instruction manual:

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