Air force manual 11-248

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This was the major correspondence file series maintained by the Department of Air after its move from Melbourne to Canberra in 1959.

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Its records deal with a wide range of subjects including aircraft, equipment, weapons, Air Board orders and personnel.

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This is the most important Defence series on defence relations with Indonesia.

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Series: A703Quantity: 613.5 metres Recorded by: 1949–73: Department of Air, Central Office (CA 35); 1973–74: Air Office, Department of Defence (CA 1567); 1974–75: Department of Defence III, Central Office (CA 46) Series: A816Quantity: 86 metres Recorded by: 1935–39: Department of Defence II, Central Administration (CA 19); 1939–42: Department of Defence Coordination, Central Office (CA 37); 1942–58: Department of Defence III, Central Office (CA 46)This series contains general correspondence files of the Department of the Navy following its transfer from Melbourne to Canberra in 1959.

Air force manual 11-248:

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