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The average cost to repair a clutch normally costs anywhere from $500 to $2,500. We will also cover the average clutch replacement cost in detail which can run from $200 if you do it yourself all the way to over $1,000 if a mechanics help is.

How To Replace the Clutch in a Ford Ranger Manual 5 speed.

4 04 - average cost at a garage to replace a clutch in a 98 ford ranger xlt 4x4 - So, how much do you think (approx) it would cost me to get my clutch and slave replaced by a mechanic? Having a clutch replaced can cost $400-$3000 or more, depending on the make, model . Also applies to all other Ford Ranger w/ manual 5 speed .

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Cost Helper readers report paying $430-$2,505 to have a clutch replaced , at an average cost of $1,085; the .. Fan Clutch Replacement costs between $94-$536 on average .

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The average cost for a Ford Ranger Clutch Replacement is between $532 and $853.

2000 ford ranger manual transmission removal:

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