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A good summary of the types of patent protection available in the member states is available online. PCT applications are examined, and PCT issues a search report / written opinion summarizing their findings. One of the most important differences is that the PCT handles multiple inventions differently from the USPTO. Restriction requirements are often entered against apparatus and method claims, and they are exceedingly difficult to successfully traverse. Another difference is the inclusion of fure numerals in the Abstract and Claims. Since the patent office considers a PCT application to be a U. non-provisional application (MPEP 1893.02), the same standards apply for revival. Thus, it is entirely possible that an applicant will file a PCT application, and then during the next year or two file a provisional disclosing new subject matter. Of course in that case the CIP application should also expressly claim priority to the provisional. § 1.76) or in the first sentence of the Specification), (B) Include an indication of whether the prior PCT international application was published under PCT Article 21(2) in English in the first sentence of the Specification regardless of whether benefit for such application is claimed in the application data sheet (if the continuing U. national application was filed on or after November 29, 2000), (C) Have co-pendency with the prior PCT application, and (D) Have at least one inventor in common with the prior PCT application. Thus, instead of having to deal with 10 or 15 search reports and office actions, there may only be one search report and a relatively few office actions. If the applicant files by fax through the International Bureau in Geneva, the last page of the application must be received on the fax machine by midnht on the due date. Such an application would be prohibited in Taiwan, for example, because Taiwan has a "first application" rule.

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PCT filing offers numerous benefits, but most applicants use the PCT merely to extend the deadlines for foren filing. Indeed, I have only rarely been successful in opposing the patent office on its restriction requirements, and then only because the method claim was deemed to be generic to the apparatus claim after the two were independently prosecuted. The PCT and many foren countries require that elements recited in the Abstract, and sometimes in the claims, include an identification of the corresponding element numeral in the fures. The applicant may file a petition to revive an abandoned application in accordance with the provisions of 37 C. MPEP § 201.11 specifies that the requirements are: (A) Include an appropriate reference to the prior PCT application (either in the application data sheet (37 C. The examiner is responsible for ascertaining co-pendency. Note that when the application is finally approved by the EPO or other regional authority, the application (or at least the claims) must then usually be translated into the national language of the individual countries in which the patent is to issue. National phase filing deadlines is usually 30 month from earliest claimed priority date.

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Go to top For the most part, PCT applications are drafted the same as U. The PCT practice is to require the applicant to pay an extra US$ 1000 dollars (supplemental search fee) for each additional invention 37 C. In PCT practice this is usually not a problem because the examiner will always add his own numerals, and then send a revised Abstract to the patent attorney for approval. The PCT requires A4 paper, which is commonly used throughout Europe and in Asia, but almost never used in the United States. Another way of reducing national phase filing costs is to impress upon the applicant the fact that patents are not self-enforcing. But there are numerous wrinkles, and one should periodiy check the WIPO website for the current deadlines.

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure

From time to time this causes all sorts of formatting problems, with tables and charts, chemical structures and the like, spread across multiple pages when they were orinally confined to single pages. In deciding where to file an application, the applicant should take into account the possibility that the patent may never issue in a given foren country even though it may have already issued in the US. There are a few countries that still have 20 or 21 month deadlines, unless (a) the applicant pays the Chapter II fee by the 19th month, or (b) the countries are included in a regional filing.

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