Soba rotary table manual

Manual Rotary Table and Manual Rotary Index Table Troyke.

I suppose the other issue is that it is tricky to mount a conventional lathe chuck on it.

Manual Rotary Table Trunnion Machine

You can buy a 2 adapter with a Myford spindle sized chuck fitting for them which is possibly useful but I would have thought you would have to be sure to rotate it in the rht direction to avoid the chuck coming unscrewed in some situations - maybe someone has tried one and can advise.

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Mine came properly set up but I have heard people complain of back-lash in the worm gear but this is adjustable (if you can get to grips with the 'Chinglish' manual).

Rotary table

My only gripe with the 6" version is that in horizontal mode the handle doesn't quite clear the table (I assume it is desned to hang over the edge of the mill table), obviously mounting the thing with a couple of parallels under it fixes the problem, it only needs a few thou so shims would do quite well too.

Soba rotary table manual:

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