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Ruud Gas Water Heater Owners Manual Pv50fw -

Vent Kits Kit # Part # Applicable Rheem-Ruud Water Heater Model PV Kit 4 AP11646 G50-98, G75-125, G82-156, G76-180 PV Kit 5 AP11645 G37-200, G76-200, G91-200, G100-200(A), G72-250(A), G100-250(A), G100-270(A), G72-300(A), G85-300(A), G100-310(A), G65-360(A), G65-400(A), G85-400(A), G100-400(A) Not for use with GN or GX models.

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Ruud Marathon Electric Water Heater Use and Care Manual pdf document is located and stored within Water Heater owners manual and instruction manual folder.

<strong>Ruud</strong> Gas <strong>Water</strong> <strong>Heater</strong> Owners Manual Pv50fw -

Ruud Gas Water Heater Owners Manual Pv50fw -

Power Vent Kits for Gas Commercial Water Heaters Manufactured by Tjernlund Products,* Rheem-Ruudcommercial gas water heater power vent kits are yourbest choice for new construction, electric-to-gasconversions and renovations.

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Construction Features:• Certified for use on natural and propane gasmodels.• Maximum venting length up to 50 feet equivalentincluding the vent terminal.• Vent terminal can be installed through combustibleor non-combustible surfaces – heat shield is Power Venter (fr Power Vent Kits continued.

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