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SSDs are running latest firmware EXM02B6Q, controller is running P17 and has exhibited same issues with P19. I am using a lsi megaraid controller with firmware version 2.130.353-1819 (aug 09 2012). What I wanted to do is to mrate from raid 5 to raid 10. When executing "Mega CLI -Ld Info -Ld All -a0", some of my servers report a property "Is VD emulated: No", and some report "Is VD emulated: Yes".

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I manage Raid 1 with LSI Controller ( SAS9211-8i ).

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NORCO RPC-910 Industrial Rackmount Chassis

Recently one of the Hard drives failed, I replaced it and booted the machine, Entered the LSI utility, and I noticed it's 'Rebuilding' and syncing ...


We are building up some new servers and want to use 12Gbps SAS3 drives alongside some SATA 6Gbps Enterprise SSD's attached to a single Supermicro SAS3 backplane using an LSI SAS3 Expander and LSI / ... I have a blinking red lht on a drive in a RAID array and although Mega Cli doesn't report any disk failures or warnings, some Mega Cli commands show ...

Norco rpc-910 user manual:

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