Nikko alpha 3 amplifier manual

Nikko ALPHA I BETA GAMMA 20 stereo amp preamp tuner amplifier.

So price, a used stereo shop would sell it for around $300-500.


Meaning they would give you $100-150 cash for it, more for a trade.

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Nikko Alpha 450 Power Amplifier Service Manual

I used to run a mid to hh end audio and video store in the 80's selling new and used equipment. If the BX-2 is made in the USA it will go for more, sometimes it will say desned in the USA but made in Japan.

Nikko Alpha II - The Nikko Audio Company was founded by the.

We sold the DBX 1 power amp new for around 3500-4000 bucks(nice amp! The BX 2 and BX 3 new cost much less , around $2500? The BX-2 and BX-3 were nice amps because you could use them in a 2-4 channel mode or for use in bi-amping along with some nice speakers.

Nikko alpha 3 amplifier manual:

Rating: 96 / 100

Overall: 90 Rates