Miracle rice cooker and steamer manual

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The steamer tray lets you complement your dish with deliciously done vegetables, meats, and poultry.

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I don’t even cook rice in it, or at least I haven’t in years. I don’t claim steaming vegetables is a b deal, but I love having this one part of my life taken care of so it doesn’t cost me much time, money, or hassle, but I enjoy it.

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Oyama 10-Cup Stainless Steel Rice

I it a miracle appliance for fun because I can’t fure out how it knows when to turn off, but it does, every time. Mostly I love that it cooks food amazing with almost no work. The last few things I cooked in it are Look, I know I’m no great cook.

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But, man, do I like my Hitachi Chime-o-matic rice cooker / vegetable steamer / miracle appliance.

Miracle rice cooker and steamer manual:

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