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Hip Roof (4-way overhang) Using frieze runner channel:* (Refer to Fure 1) 1.

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FRIEZE RUNNER - Top edge of runner channel must be level and alned with the bottom surface of the fascia board. FASCIA TRIM - Beginning at corner, position up snug to underside of soffit panels, pre-drill (aln with soffit grooves) and nail through bottom lip of fascia trim every 36” along bottom edge of fascia board. DO NOT drive nails tht — fascia must be ‘hung’, not tht, to allow expansion and help prevent distortion.

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Using nailing flange of channel, nail and install along the entire length of the wall surface. DOUBLE-CHANNEL - To join panels at corners, cut double channel to fit and match angle when positioned diagonally from frieze channel to corner of fascia board. SOFFIT PANELS - Cut at 45° for corner areas, slide into channel and secure into position using nails in panel grooves as required, to under edge of fascia board. Allow at least 1” overlap of fascia where lengths meet. FINISH TRIM - Use drip edge, gutter or all-purpose trim to cover and finish top edge of fascia trim.

Moulding Profiles from The Home Depot is helpful as is this article

* If installing soffit panels over existing wood soffits, soffit ‘J’ channel can be used in place of frieze runner and double channel.

Install soffit protrim manual:

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