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The recommended oil-to-gas ratio for a Homelite chainsaw, and most other brands of chainsaws, is a 50-to-1 mixture of 2.6 ounces of two-cycle chainsaw oil and 1 gallon of unleaded gasoline. Continue Reading If you are using oil that does not have an added fuel stablilizer, the ratio should be 16-to-1, using 8 ounces of two-cycle oil per gallon of unleaded gasoline.

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(chainsaws, leaf blowers, trimmers), that became notable as being one of the largest post-World War II manufacturers of portable electrical generators and professional and consumer level chainsaws, as well as holding the distinction of producing the world's first one-man operated chainsaw. Ferguson of Port Chester, New York, invented a lhtweht, portable, gasoline-powered electrical generator.

Homelite Chainsaw Parts Great Selection Great Prices

His newly founded company, the Home Electric Lhting Company (later abbreviated to Homelite), made it possible for thousands of rural farms and households to enjoy the convenience of electricity, where it would be years before land lines would reach many of these remote areas. Ferguson's generators played a snificant role in the war effort, providing portable electricity on demand for the troops during World War II.

Homelite textron super 2 chainsaw manual:

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