Gigabyte ga-k8ns pro manual

Solved BIOS Update for CPU breaking GPU driver. -

Please submit new entries or correction of existing entries using send-pr(1) or web form. On-board n Force ethernet controller will only work with nve(4) which is only in 6-CURRENT (as of Apr 2005). Onboard Marvell IDE chip is not supported, needs 7-CURRENT.

Modern motherboards which are working with Windows 98

On-board n Force SATA RAID controller works with 6-CURRENT of June 6 2005 and newer. Onboard SATA chip is not supported in AHCI mode, switch to RAID mode in BIOS, or use 7-CURRENT. Unsupported devices: winmodem, flash card reader, fingerprint scanner.

Modern motherboards which are working with Windows 98

Socket 754 Motherboards eBay

Has no PS/2 ports, must use USB keyboard on rear connector (front connector for some reason does not like USB keyboard at boot). X does not have accelerated support for the ATI Radeon XPRESS 200M 5955.

FreeBSD/amd64 Project -- motherboards

Only has low-profile PCIx sockets, making expansion tricky. Switching between X and consoles occasionally produces a corrupt display, but closing and opening the lid almost always fixes this. powerd causes random hard lockups (there is a problem with speed changing under load).

Gigabyte ga-k8ns pro manual:

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