Chevy manual overdrive transmission

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To ensure the continued well-being of your Chrysler 4-speed, let’s take a guided tour of the various versions produced, from the grandfather of performance Mopar gearboxes in 1964 up to today’s aluminum youngsters. Dodge’s 413 Ramcharger and Plymouth’s Super Stock are cleaning house at the nation’s drag strips.

L80E Automatic Overdrive - Hughes Performance

When surgery is required, however, it is helpful to know the patient, its problems, and which internal organs can be transplanted.

L80E Automatic <i>Overdrive</i> - Hughes Performance

Magnum 6-Speed Transmission - Tremec

They try the Warner Gear T-10 used by the Brand “C” and “F” boys, but it just can't handle the Max Wedge’s Mo Power.

Chevy 5-speed Manual Transmission, Tremec

The die is cast and plans are made for a new gearbox that will be able to take the of anything the engine boys can dish out.

Chevy manual overdrive transmission:

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