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"Dashcams" (sometimes ed car cameras or driving cameras) are small, self-contained dital video cameras built for one purpose: to continuously capture a view of the road during the operation of a motor vehicle, providing an ironclad video record of events.

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They're essentially miniature CCTV cameras for cars and trucks. In the US, dashcams have been traditionally associated with older analog VCR-based systems used in police vehicles.

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More recently, the modern dital dashcam has been a phenomenon on the dangerous and insurance-fraud-rife hhways of Russia, where nearly every driver owns at least one. Even here in the US, an explosion in the number of dashcams in use has taken place over the past couple of years.

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As prices come down and more capable models are released, I expect that one day dashcams will be commonplace on the roads in the USA.

Aiptek go-hd 720p manual:

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