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Post-marketing withdrawal of 462 medicinal products because of.

It is likely that only about 10% of potential interactions result in cliniy snificant events and, while death or serious clinical consequences are rare, low-grade, cliniy unspectacular morbidity in the elderly may be much more common. confusion, lethargy, weakness, dizziness, incontinence, depression, falling) should all prompt a closer look at the patient’s drug list.

Report on suspected adverse drug reactions - FPMPAM

There are a number of strategies that can be adopted to decrease the risk of potential clinical problems.

Pharmaceutical Press - <b>Adverse</b> <b>Drug</b> Reactions Second edition

Drug and Therapeutics Committees - World Health Organization

The most important mechanisms for drug-drug interactions are the inhibition or induction of drug metabolism, and pharmacodynamic potentiation or antagonism.

Identifying Adverse Drug Events from Multi-Relational Healthcare.

Interactions involving a loss of action of one of the drugs are at least as frequent as those involving an increased effect.

A manual of adverse drug interactions download:

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