2001 saturn l200 repair manual

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Saturn needed some new models by the late 1990s, and so GM spent a billion or so bucks to make an Americanized, plastic-bodied Opel Vectra and ed it the L-Series.

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The L, which went through a bewildering series of model-name changes during its 2000-2005 production run, never sold very well and more or less sank without a trace. Somebody dropped the subframe and grabbed the Ecotec 2.2 out of this car. That’s what a Salvation Army sn and packaging tape are for!

How to Replace a Radiator in a 2002 <i>Saturn</i> <i>L200</i>

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The spinning flywheel sets the engine’s cylinders in motion so that the compression cycle can begin.

How to Replace a Radiator in a 2002 Saturn L200

That makes it historiy interesting, in sort of a run-up-to-the-bankruptcy way, much like the 2001 Pontiac Aztek Junkyard Find we saw yesterday. The General had ample experience with attempts to sell rebadged Opels in the United States, from the Buick Opel to the Cadillac Catera, and only the Opel-cousin Chevrolet Chevette had sold worth a damn.

2001 saturn l200 repair manual:

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